Our History

In May 2004, Christian youth leaders across Plymouth were invited to share in the vision of uniting Christian young people across the city.

The vision was to enable the work with young people across the city, and to call together a core group with the vision and passion to pull together a citywide Christian youth event. Youth leaders from Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal churches in Plymouth met and a core team was formed.

Shortly after this, a combined youth event called ‘The Net’ was created. Over the years The Net has evolved as needs have changed. Currently, The Net is aimed for 11-19’s, and intends to provide a celebration for churches and young people across Plymouth and the local area.

Key Values

  • Prayer is the basis for all we do. During the events, we have a dedicated prayer team to help with issues that come up.
  • At each event, worship is an important part of our evening, where we give thanks for the work God is doing in our lives, and in the city.
  • Working with each other is a core value of The Net. This takes its form in networking - showing young people that there are other Christians around. This also involves encouraging school Christian Unions. We also appreciate the importance of discipleship
  • Each year we follow a theme, inviting local church and youth leaders to give talks based on relevant subjects. Our aim is always to bring young people into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and to equip them in their own ministry.
  • Evangelism is something that most struggle with in their local church and The Net is a useful tool to use to bring youth together to reach out. We encourage each other by sharing how God has been working in our lives